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Rotor was founded in 1948. for the needs of maintenance of the biggest electromotor-drived systems. With the dissension of activity of our clients, deterioration of SFRJ market, deficit of the means needed in every-day maintenance and without updating of required equipment, tools and technologies according to international standards, Rotor went into cycle of stagnation and dissension in all fields of activity.

After the privatization, in January 2003, reorganization of the business started. Business plan had been made, with the idea to reassess technological and commercial propulsivity which goes with the name and position that Rotor has. Crucial human resources were successfully maintained, the most important clients were brought back, while total renovation was prepared through contacts with experts for new technologies.

ROTOR is now a private shareholders company, where majority owner is the company PROGALVANO. Also, in the same group of companies are another 2 companies. Group has about 400 employees. We own over 20.000 m˛ as warehouses and 12.000 m˛ in offices, as well as own vehicles for national and international transport. We are partners to ower 2000 companies in Serbia and abroad.

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